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ⅩB一6090(G型)High precision oblique arm type flat screen printing machine

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Performance and Features

1.The printing system is integrated with frequency-converting and braking motor,synchronous transmission belt and dual-terminal adjusting support;as such,the printing speed is keeping even and stable,and synchronous belt will be long in service life,noise will be low.

2.Ink scraper and ink blade are separate in structure and integrated with stepless apeed converter that are controlled by pneumatic system.The pressure and speed is in stepless adjustement to prolong the service life of screen plate and improve printing precision.

3.The working table has micro-adjusting system for up and down,left and right,fort ang back directions ,so as to make the printing position accurately,and esaily.Vacuum suction works to fix the sheet for printing.

4.Equipped with security syetem to stdrt emergency stop in case that the position is not proper while dropping down the screen plate.

Model XB-6090
Max.printing area 600*900mm
Max.printing speed
Pringting thickness 0-50mm
Voltage/Power 220v/380v/2.6kw
Overall dimensions 1640*1100*1330mm